Saturday, May 19, 2012

Linnaeus 21.1

Burger & beer special at Fray (Sprout got burger & milk.)
This week Sprout...
  • has gotten better at climbing ladders & going down slides due to extensive practise.
  • has started taking bribes to submit calmly to diaper changes: toddler games on Papa's big work smartphone ('Toddler's Trifling' is a hit)
  • has been doing even more role playing & pretend play with cars, his doll, his play food, & his new toy kitchen. Mostly undressing his doll to make it neng-kid.
  • has been breastfeeding a lot (a general trend since I finished school & am home with him nearly 24/7).
  • kept putting things in my gumboots & hid my house keys in the umbrella stand. For some reason I didn't think to look there, so they were missing an entire week.
  • got his third hair cut. This time there was no trained professional involved, I just pulled out the clippers & put the 1" guard on for most of his head. He looks even older now & wakes up with owl tufts.
  • seems to be having  more teething pain from that last set of molars. It wakes him up at night about half the time & I think it's been a major contributing factor to some nap issues & meltdowns during the day. I hope the damn teeth come in soon.
  • got a new (second) cousin: Malik Benjamin Giri was born on Wednesday. We can't wait to meet him!
  • has got a tan on the backs of his hands. Also a sandal tan. Oops. Better start slapping the sunblock on pasty boy here.
  • Has started talking about people he knows when they're not around. Most mentions this week: Mikey, Nana, Gumpa, Papa, Ainay (Aiden), Goo-eedy (Grady), Dek-euh (Dexter).
  • is now finishing the last word or two of each line in pretty much every book we read him. Probably aided by the fact that most of it is in rhyming couplets, but we're pretty chuffed nonetheless.
'Driving' at Cartier Park
 Favourite conversation snippet this week:

"Wee wee wee!" (while pointing at his toes)
"Okay. This little piggy went to..."
 "And this little piggy stayed..."
This little piggy had..."

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  1. Thanks you for an interesting blog.
    Love following your "moves".

    Have a lovely summer!


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