Wednesday, May 9, 2012

When was the last time you drew a picture?

Have you heard about Vancouver Draw Down? Saturday, June 9th, 18 different arts & cultural organizations around Vancouver are hosting 27 diverse, hands-on drawing workshops in community centres, museums, art galleries & even on the street. You'll be able to do things like add to a mural, improve your still life or life drawing techniques, create your own font or draw inside a 12-foot high paper tunnel. The workshops are all drop-in whenever you like & participants are encouraged to go to different events throughout the day.

While reading about Vancouver Draw Down, I found an online drawing app called Scribbler Too & just started playing with it. It creates a sort of webbed effect as you draw (which is best seen at full size--click on the image to enlarge it). Here's what I created.
Then I played with my drawing some more, adding colour, & fiddling with the brush settings.
Cool app, hey?

Vancouver Draw Down is having daily drawing project in the month leading up to the event starting today. I think I'm going to join along. If you want to do it too, just follow them on Facebook &/or Twitter to get the daily drawing prompts. You can do your drawings on paper, or digitally. You can photograph or scan them & upload them to the site.

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  1. Hi Lisa, Thanks for the Vancouver Draw Down shout out!Glad you're going to be following along the daily drawing project, love the little online sketch you posted here.


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