Tuesday, June 5, 2012


Hello Sprog readers! I've got a favour to ask you. Could you look around here & tell me what ads you see? There should be a banner ad below each post ↓ as well as a tower ad in the right sidebar under the brown Top Mommy Blogs ad →.

I signed up for Adwords a while ago & I've tried to play around with the settings to limit the types of things that can be advertised here. I don't really want to have ads for phone sex lines or guns or pyramid schemes, etc. :) However, because Adwords displays ads targeted to each visitor of the site, based on what Google knows about you, I have no idea what you're seeing.

If you could leave a comment below to let me know what company & product (if any) the ad(s) is (are) promoting, that would be lovely. Also, if you just happen to click on any of the ads, that means I might make a few cents. So far, my Adwords account hasn't made enough money to cross the $100 threshold required to actually be sent a cheque. Eventually I'd like to be making enough money to cover hosting, postage for giveaways & some of the other costs of running The Sprog.

Thanks for your help!


  1. Video Converter on the side
    Conn's Official Site-low prices, more choices, in-house financing.
    No idea what that second one is for!

  2. Instant Grammar Checker at the bottom
    West Jet Vacations on the side

  3. I use adblock - so I see nothing and help in no way towards moo-lah. sorry!


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