Sunday, June 10, 2012

Exercise Challenge: Month 3, Week 1

Sunday was a day of lazing around & recuperating from a busy week. The only exercise I got in was walking to the corner grocery for a few things to make dinner, maybe a three block round trip. We won't count that.

Monday we walked to & from Famous Foods for groceries, a total of 50 minutes.

Tuesday I wheeled Sprout around in his stroller to the toddler gym in the morning, then out shopping on Main Street in the afternoon. All together, about 50 minutes of walking.

Wednesday we walked over to Clark Park to participate in a little neighbourhood Casseroles. The walk there, the route we took plus the walk home amounted to an hour of exercise.

Thursday I had an appointment downtown & by the time Oli got home from work to watch Sprout, I didn't have time to take the bus. It had just stopped raining, however, so I had a nice ride to & from downtown for a total of 40 minutes cycling.

Friday we walked over to see Oma & Opa where they're staying in the Holiday Inn on Broadway. It's a half hour trip one way, which was all I did, as I had to jet off to massage therapy downtown afterward, which I did by transit.

Saturday was a rest day in more ways than one. Rather than bike, I took the bus downtown to go to a Vancouver Draw Down workshop at the Vancouver Art Gallery & checked out the Matisse exhibit. Stay tuned for more on that Tuesday...

Taking a few days break from cycling actually helped my knees feel a lot better. Though I love being on a bike, I think I may have to work up more slowly to hauling Sprout around by bike for 30-60 minutes a day.

Weekly total: 230 minutes of walking & cycling.

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