Thursday, June 14, 2012

A Fabulous night

I'm probably the last of the bunch to post my report on the Vancouver Mom Top Bloggers celebration, but it's not because I didn't have fun. I also don't have any impressive photos to post here, except a couple of really lame ones on my phone camera.* That was quite intentional, actually. Yesterday, when I was deciding what to bring with me (business cards, lip balm, credit card, ID, keys--that's about it!) I thought, "Hey, I should bring my camera." Then I realized what that would mean. I'd be trying to get good photos all night, experiencing the event through the LCD on my camera back.

So I put the camera down & decided not to take photos all night. Which is not to criticize the people there who were taking photos--I'm glad the event was documented. But for me, the night was about meeting people, in real life, without the electronics between us.

Harriet & the 2011 riot window boards.
The evening started off great, with the weather picking up to make for a lovely ride there. It's less than 30 minutes along the Ontario, 10th Ave & Cypress bike routes. I realized a few minutes into my ride that I'd left my front light at home, so I grabbed an MEC Turbo Turtle on my way. (really bright & under $5--awesome little light!) Once I arrived, changed into my fancy shoes on the sidewalk outside (classy, eh?) then washed the bike grime off my fingers I was ready to party!

All the agonizing that we did about what we were going to wear on Twitter in the week leading up to the event seems to have paid off, because everyone looked great. I was one of the few not wearing a dress, my excuse being that I still have bruised knees from my last minor spill off my bike.

Over the evening, I talked to so many new people that I completely lost track of them all. Despite trying hard to match Twitter handles & blog avatars to the faces, or even to remember who said what, I think I missed a few names. It was a lot harder than I expected to recognize people from the tiny little Twitter icons I see all the time. The three (generous) glasses of wine didn't help, either! It was great to meet up with some bloggers I'd only talked to online & see some I'd met in person before.

One of the surprising highlights of the evening was the speeches. Surprising, because--let's be honest--speeches can often be the most boring part of an event. Past Top 30 Bloggers Harriet, Tracey & Amber were given a three minute limit & a topic of What I know now. Their speeches were all very entertaining, but I have to say that it was Harriet who made me laugh hard enough to spill wine.

Yes, it's a plastic golf club.
Later in the evening, after I'd moved on to sparkling mineral water, I checked out the dresses in Art Deco Chic. It's a lovely exhibit for those interested in fashion from the early 20th century. I marvel at the hours that must have gone into the hand embroidery & beadwork on some of the gowns.

By ten pm, the museum staff were gently nudging us out the door, so I strapped my swag basket to my bike, stuffed the other bag of it (yes, I came home with nearly my weight in swag) into my backpack & off I rode.

My head was buzzing when I got home, not just from the wine but the chance to talk with so many new interesting people. I learned a lot & hopefully started a few new friendships. I really needed to go to another blogger meetup like this again soon.

Thanks again to Christine Pilkington of Vancouver Mom for organizing the Top 30 Blogger contest & last night's great event.

*my cycling photos are often lame, as there is always some Scotchlite creating a massive flare in the shot. Sigh.


  1. I found it soo hard to figure out who was who too, I missed ALOT of ppl I wanted to meet :)!

    1. What was kind of hilarious is that I was trying really hard to find & talk to the Top 30, like you, that I'd been chatting with online for weeks. I kind of wanted to have an attendance list with pictures so I could match you all up!

  2. Harriet really did knock it out of the park!

    1. Thanks. But you are a total pro in my view and your words were full of the wisdom of the ages. I loved the do it however which way it works for you!

  3. Thanks Lisa. Loved our outfit and admire the fact that your rode your bike! You walk the walk. Great night all round. Thanks for the photo!

    1. Aw, thanks! It's pretty easy to walk the walk (or bike the bike, really) on a gorgeous evening like that. If it had been raining, well...


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