Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Linnaeus 22.2

The obsession with bikes continues & Sprout regularly lists all the compound words with bike that he knows: bike path, bike box, bike rack, bike lock...
Getting a little more intrepid on his runner bike, taking it down the block on the sidewalk. No running yet, though: he's still only walking slowly & getting the hang of steering it. 
It's a shape sorter! No, it's a garage! Look, now it's a stable!

Fascinated with garages, Sprout points them out whenever we pass one (which is a lot when cycling) & pretends that his shape sorting cube is a garage. He turns it on its side & makes the sliding lid go up & down saying 'boom' when it closes completely. At the moment, his toy ambulance is parked inside, along with a little horse, who's peeking out one of the 'windows'. 

Favourite foods this week: Kashi Cinnamon Harvest, straight out of the box; radishes from the garden. They're quite peppery, but he will eat them as fast as you hand him slices.

Two hour naps were the norm this week (what happened to those three-hour ones?) & he slept through most of the nights.

New words this week: 'Denny', 'Lo-wens' & 'Tah-lee-ah' (Jenny, Lawrence & Talia, his caregivers at Buddings Daycare)

New toys this week: I had a Toys R Us gift card I'd been meaning to spend since his birthday last year, so I picked up some play dough & finger paint. A month ago, he wasn't interested in play dough at all. Now he loves rolling it flat, cutting it with various utensils & pretending to feed it to his toys. He asked to play with it the next day too. The finger paint, on the other hand, was a very new thing to him & I suspect it will take a few more tries before he gets into it. He did like using a cork as a stamp though, almost as much as he liked banging the paint bottles on the table. Predictably, he had to taste the paint, & from the face he made, it's pretty disgusting. Sadly, no photo of his green tongue! 

Parenting Fail of the week: leaving a glass of beer on a low table where Sprout could carefully pick it up & take a swig. I suspect this has been his main motivation for improving his cup drinking technique. Didn't expect he'd be stealing our beer quite this young...

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