Sunday, July 1, 2012

Exercise Challenge: Month 3, Week 4

Sunday we walked down to the Whip for a taste of the week's featured cask ale. Round trip made for about 35 minutes walking.
Monday I biked Sprout over to Buddings: 25 minutes of riding, round trip
Tuesday, ditto Monday.
Wednesday, ditto Tuesday.
Thursday I walked to the library & back: 30 minutes of walking all together.
Friday I stilted for about a half hour at the Mount Pleasant Family Centre's Canada Day Party & Fundraiser. Not exactly aerobic exercise, but sort of strength training. Or something. But I'm counting it.
Saturday I braved the downpour & biked out to Kits for a playdate with Ella. Round trip was about 50 minutes.

The knees have been good this week--maybe I've finally adjusted to the amount of cycling we're doing. Shoulders & upper body in general got a heck of a workout with all the 'flying' & flag-waving Friday so I was pretty stiff Saturday. 

Weekly total: 220 minutes of exercise. Just over the 30 minutes a day goal! :)

What is this Exercise Challenge, you ask? Read my post on Day One for details & how you can get involved too.

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