Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Linnaeus 22.3

A few days ago, I measured Sprout's height & discovered he'd grown two cm in the past four or five weeks! A growth spurt might explain why he's been tripping a bit more lately & was ravenous & asking to breastfeed a lot a couple of weeks ago.

Also new this week: saying, "Wow!" all the time--in more or less appropriate situations--which I find hilarious. He's added a couple more songs to his repertoire: Alice the Camel & Will Stroet's Full of Beans. He never gets every single word of any of the songs he sings, but they're recognizable, in any case. His version of Alice goes something like, "Ella camel two humps, Ella camel two humps." I think he likes Full of Beans because he knows the numbers (the words anyway--I don't think he really comprehends counting past two or three yet) & the vegetables. He's a pretty big fan of the animated video too.

Sleep has been... interesting lately. Tuesday night last week Sprout was protesting going to bed in his own crib & as it was late enough that I was tired, I just took him to bed with us. In the morning, I woke up to this:

Which reminded me of a shot I got of him at ten days old:

Okay, I know I'm biased, but this is the cutest thing you've seen today, right? ;)

But back to the sleep. For the past few months (I think, I haven't really been keeping track) Sprout had stopped sleeping straight through the night & started waking once between 2am & 7am. Rather than spend who knows how long trying to get him back to sleep in his crib, Oli would stumble in to Sprout's room & bring him to bed with us. Most nights, Sprout fell asleep again immediately & slept through until somewhere between 8am & 10am. This past week he's started sleeping through again some nights, which is a nice change.

Naps have been tricky & there have been several days where Sprout slept less than an hour. Every day this happens I catch myself fretting that he's transitioning away from daytime naps. Then the next day he'll go down for an epic three-hour siesta, proving my worries unfounded.

The last development this week that I'll mention is frowning. Sprout seems to be practicing, more than really feeling it. He'll look at me & crunch up his little forehead, then lower his chin so he's glaring at me from under his eyebrows. For maybe 15 seconds, then it passes.

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  1. sleeping is soo tricky everyone does it different, I say do whatever you need to, to ensure everyone gets the most sleep... mainly you lol :D!

  2. Definitely the cutest thing I have seen today.
    Sleep and naps are always tricky. I agree with Eschelle, go with the flow and do what works for you on any given day.


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