Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Linnaeus 23.0

New fave, bought at Wee Ones Reruns
Whoa, this week snuck up on me! One month until the sprog turns two. Here's a rundown of his latest shenanigans:
  • Sprout's become a runner. When we're in public & he's not restrained by something (in the carrier, sling, stroller or wagon) he will take off. Luckily, he's still slow & steady when it comes to stepping off curbs, so if we're in an urban area, he probably won't run into traffic before I can snag him. 
  • He sings all the time now. Alone, he'll usually do an improving rendition of Ladybug. With me, he'll usually request Will Stroet's Full of Beans, which we do as call & answer. "One, two three," "Bockoli" "Four, five six," "Cawit ticks" "Seven, eight, nine," "Tumeetos fum vine" "Ten, eleven, twelve" "We ee well" "Into the teens & we're..." "Fuoo beans"
  • Sprout's no longer afraid of cold as he was a year or so ago. He went through the spray curtain at the water park & also waded in the ocean a bit for the first time.
  • New books this week are Mr. Brown Can Moo, Can You? & Green Eggs & Ham, both of which have entered the nightly rotation. I got him the first one because it's just a series of sound effects, which he loves. During the day he's always imitating things--trucks, lawn mowers, shavers, dogs, other children, bike pumps, sprinklers, spray bottles, birds. He sometimes names things according to their sound: Oli's shaver is Papa rum-rum.
  • Sprout's been pretty hungry the last few days. The only thing he didn't want to eat at all was the brie I gave him. When I tried another day with the rind cut off, he scarfed it down. Never met a cheese he didn't like...
  • No sign of the molars last time I checked, but he's got a dry spot on his chin from the drool, so I suspect they're coming. Been saying that for months...
  • Sprout managed to poop not once, but twice on the floor during some brief naked time this week. Sigh. Puddles, I can deal with, but solids... ugh. Would love to get him toilet trained soon, but I don't think he's ready yet.
  • He's becoming more & more gregarious every day. At the beach, I let him roam around a bit within sight. He didn't go near the water, but went visiting all the people sitting back in the shade. He jumped in & started playing with a couple of slightly older kids after 'borrowing' their bike helmet & wearing it the whole time, backwards. Got photos of that, luckily. 
An afternoon at Cates Park watching the Whey-ah-Wichen canoe races

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  1. Cutie! Eating well. Love it. Not a fan of leashes after my friend lost her toddler at the aquarium when he busted loose from his. I never used one. Just ran like a bugger after Theo when he was little! It's a great workout. Gawd...! Love that photo!


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