Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Vancity Fresh Air Movie Tour

Found this in my gmail inbox & I had to share it with you! We're definitely going!

-The Sprog Family


WHAT? Vancity Fresh Air Movie Tour is back in Vancouver this summer. In partnership with Fresh Air Cinema, Vancity is extending an invitation to people of all ages to bring their chairs, blankets and community spirit and enjoy the movie The Princess Bride under the stars with family and friends.

Vancity encourages participants to ride their bike and make use of the free bicycle parking from BEST the bicycle valet.

Vancity will also be handing out farmers market vouchers valued at $5 which can be redeemed at your local farmer’s market to support the purchase of local, natural and organic food.

WHERE? David Lam Park - 1300 Pacific Boulevard, Vancouver

WHEN? Sunday, July 29 5:00pm - onwards *Come early to enjoy the celebrations

WHO? In addition to the large screen feature movie, Vancity will be displaying their Mobile Community Garden and contribute to Fresh Roots Schoolyard Market Gardens; outdoor, hands-on learning classrooms. Attendees will have an opportunity to plant a seedling that will grow in the garden to be harvested for schoolchildren to eat in their school cafeterias.

Vancity will also be hosting community not-for-profit organizations and other social enterprises for locals to learn more about the difference these organizations are making in their community.

WHY? Vancity is committed to building healthy sustainable communities that can thrive and prosper. As an example, Vancity is currently helping to support local, natural and organic food initiatives. Bringing the community together to showcase their members’ innovative products that are not only economically profitable but also socially and environmentally responsible is one of the ways Vancity supports its members.

Did you know?
  • Fresh produce sold at BC farmers' markets travels less than 300 km to get to the consumer. Compare this to the average North American meal, which travels 2,400 km to get from field to plate and contains ingredients from five countries in addition to our own. All the transportation results in a lot of fossil fuels being burned which contributes to air pollution, acid rain and climate change. 
  • Over 75 per cent of farmers selling at farmer’s markets are certified organic or use natural methods of farming.
  • 25 per cent of farmers have been farming for less than five years.
For more information visit www.vancity.com Email: mediarelations@vancity.com or call 778-837-0394

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Lorraine Wilson
Media Relations Consultant
183 Terminal Avenue
Vancouver, BC. V6A 4G2
Office: 604.877.4539
Cell: 778.837.0394

Member of the Global Alliance for Banking on Values, a network of the world’s sustainable banking pioneers: www.gabv.org

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