Sunday, August 5, 2012

Exercise Challenge: Month 5, Week 1

In the park after dark
Sunday we biked to breakfast which was too close to pass the threshold of 10 minutes of exercise, then down to the Buddings Slip 'n' Slide event. I (briefly) dislocated my kneecap during an awkward moment trying to speed up the deflation of a giant turtle pool toy. Ow. After some time with an ice pack, I decided to ride to see the Princess Bride (part of the Vancity Fresh Air Movie Tour) downtown as we'd planned. Total exercise ended up being about an hour.

Riding a "horse" at night
Monday I tried to take it easy on my knee deciding to ride rather than walk & bus. I ended up biking to Buddings, then downtown for an appointment & back again via Buddings. Total riding time was about 40 minutes.
Tuesday I really tried to take it easy & actually drove when I went out, but this still involved walking about ten minutes to get the car & back after returning it. 20 minutes total. We also biked to a park that evening, but it is only a kilometre away, so not enough to count as exercise.
Wednesday I walked to a cafe & back, which amounted to 20 minutes. My knee is feeling pretty good & the brace I got seems to help, though it's sweaty to wear neoprene on a muggy summer day. :P
Thursday we walked around a bit doing errands, about 30 minutes of fast-paced walking while pushing Sprout in our less than lightweight stroller.
Friday we headed up to the Okanagan, but not without walking 13 minutes to go pick up the car. Also, does hauling all our luggage & gear into the car single-handedly count as exercise? I think so. Let's call that 10 minutes of cardio/strength training.
Saturday has yet to be tallied, as I haven't had a lot of internet access up here. Edit #1 I think we spent about a half hour walking up & down the beach in Penticton. Not exactly the fast pace I'm used to, as it was 39 freakin' degrees outside, but I'll count it. Edit #2 OOPS! That was Sunday. Saturday we didn't do much except chase Sprout around a little bit at the birthday party we went to on the lake in Westbank.

Weekly total exercise: 193 minutes. Not quite there, but I'm going to give myself a break considering the whole kneecap dislocation thing. :)

What is this Exercise Challenge, you ask? Read my post on Day One for details & how you can get involved too.

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