Saturday, August 4, 2012

Linnaeus 23.3

It's been a busy week, so I'll keep this one short & sweet:
  • seemed to enjoy the Princess Bride when we saw it in David Lam Park
  • really wants to ride his little runner bike around a lot 
  • naps have been quite consistent except for one day where we skipped it
  • 6/7 nights he's slept through as well
  • newly obsessed with spiral slides--squeals all the way down
  • started requesting to sit in the big boy chair (aka a normal chair) when eating meals
  • a bit more separation anxiety at Buddings lately
  • lots of vocabulary overgeneralization lately: unsure of an animal? Call it a cat. Most birds are ducks. Small round fruit? It's a grape. Also, all melon is watermelon.
  • Seems to really love fish & will eat an entire halibut or shrimp cake (Papa gets them on the way home at the Crab Shop--they're probably near a pound each)
  • travelled to the Okanagan to visit Oma & Opa
  • loves putting on bike helmets, no matter whose
All kitted out for a ride.
- - - -  
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