Sunday, August 12, 2012

Exercise Challenge: Month 5, Week 2

Tuesday: I am so done with this roadtrip!!
Sunday I think we spent about a half hour walking up & down the beach in Penticton. Not exactly the fast pace I'm used to, as it was 39 freakin' degrees outside, but I'll count it.
Monday we did more driving than anything else. Oh my bum! I hate sitting in a car this much!
Tuesday was the trip home to Vancouver--about seven hours total, with three stops. :P
Wednesday we biked over to Uncle Mikey's & did a bit of shopping in his neighbourhood, then back home again after a visit. About 30 minutes of cycling.

Thursday featured a good half hour of pushing Sprout around in the car seat strapped onto the umbrella stroller--I don't know if it's the weight or the change in balance that makes it so awkward, but it made for a bit more of a workout. Then I biked down to Kingsgate to run an errand--probably another 15 minutes.
Friday I'm going to count the miscellaneous furniture moving, cleaning & party prep we did as 15 minutes of exercise.

Saturday I biked downtown & back for a stilting gig. The gig mostly involved a lot of standing around & waving, so I won't call the performance exercise. Total for the day: 40 minutes of biking.

My knee is no longer painful, though a bit wobbly. Psoas is also a bit spasmy, probably from the stilting.

Week's total: 170 minutes. A bit short of the usual 210 minute goal, but we were on vacation for three days of the week...

What is this Exercise Challenge, you ask? Read my post on Day One for details & how you can get involved too.

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  1. Roadtrip with a two-year-old ain't easy. Next summer, he'll love them!


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