Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Tip #2 for Car Sharing with a Toddler: Pick the One by the Park!

"I'm dwive car?"
Now that I've figured out how to get the toddler & the carseat to the car on my own, we've come across another issue. Sprout has recently become obsessed with 'dwiving', meaning when we use a Modo car, he will do everything in his power to get into that driver's seat. He sits there proudly, moving the steering wheel a bit, putting the key in, turning on the stereo & wipers. Also the heat & A/C knobs. (Apologies if you're the next Modo member to use the car during the summer & the heat comes on full blast when you start it up. Heh.)

When it's just the two of us picking up a car, I let Sprout occupy himself up front while I secure the carseat in back. I can close the door so he can't get out, although this hasn't been an issue. Why would he stop 'dwiving'? He doesn't usually pitch too much of a fit when I take him out of the front & strap him in. If he is miffed, he calms down immediately when we start moving. When we drop the Modo vehicle off again at its 'home', I let him play while I unhook the car seat & get the stroller ready to go, etc. This is where the tantrums have been occurring lately: it can be really difficult to convince him to stop 'dwiving' & leave the car behind, even though there might be other members waiting to use it when our booking is over.

Two best things in Sprout's world: playground + 'dwiving'
After our last Modo booking, I accidentally discovered a great trick to solve this problem: the best cars for us to book are the ones next to a park! I used the Manitoba & 16th Avenue Yaris for a Costco run the other day. This Modo car is conveniently located across the street from the gorgeously rebuilt Mount Pleasant Park. When I asked Sprout to come out of the car so I could lock it up, I said we were going to go to the park. No tantrums at all--in fact, I had to stop him from running across 16th Avenue by himself.

The other location that we use more often is actually next to a park as well--Tea Swamp. I will definitely plan time for a park stop after our booking the next time we use the car without Papa.

If you'd like to know where the Modo cars are & if there's a park nearby, check out the Modo locations map here.

Do you car share with kids? What tricks do you use to make it easier? Please share in the comments!

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