Friday, September 14, 2012

Book Review: My Enemy's Tears: The Witch of Northampton

When I got a pitch to review this book, I was intrigued. A historical novel set around the era of the Salem witch trials sounded like a good read. My memories of reading The Crucible in high school aren't exactly fresh, but I know I enjoyed it. Once I got a chapter or two in, I was truly hooked.

Meticulously researched & well crafted over two decades, this is actually more than just historical fiction for author Karen Vorbeck Williams. The story is based on the life of her ancestor, Mary Bliss Parsons, who was in fact tried for witchcraft in the 17th century. Williams has fleshed out family legend, genealogy & the details from numerous historical records to create a compelling read.

Through the eyes of Mary Bliss Parsons, we see New England of the 1600s: the promised land for her down-on-their-luck family. Unless you know nothing about American history, I'm not spoiling anything to say that it wasn't an easy life for them. The realities of women's lives are in such a stark contrast to today: little to no education, married at a young age & expected to run a household while giving birth to as many children as possible in the hopes that at least half would survive.

While that last bit sounds like it's going to be a depressing novel, it's really not. The story captivated me: I thoroughly enjoyed this book & read it whenever I had a spare moment. Buy My Enemy's Tears: The Witch of Northampton on Amazon or check it out of your local library--it's a great read!

About the Author:

Karen Vorbeck Williams is working on another book of historical fiction as well as a novel set in the 1940–50s. She has been an editor, a prize-winning photographer & a garden designer. In her free time, she enjoys her garden. She lives in Rumford, Rhode Island.

Disclaimer: I was given a copy of this book to review & as an Amazon affiliate, I get a small commission if you buy it via my links. The words & opinions above are my own.

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