Friday, September 14, 2012

New Bike Workshop in East Van: The Kickstand

I just found out about this now--a new community bike workshop in East Van! The Kickstand's grand opening is TODAY 2pm! See poster for details →

The Kickstand is open Monday, Wednesday & Friday 4-8pm
The Kickstand offers accessible work space for you to fix your bike in a supportive atmosphere.  We are currently able to provide:
  • All the tools you could want to work on your bike
  • Skilled volunteers to help you learn how to fix your own bike
  • A huge space with lots of bike stands just waiting to hold your bike while it gets some tender lovin’
We do not currently have many spare parts or any new bike parts but feel free to pick them up at one of our wonderful local bike shops and swing by to install them!

We are currently seeking new volunteers to help support this exciting community project!  You can find our contact info here.

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