Saturday, September 15, 2012

Toddler-Vision, or, Thursday's Aquarium Adventure

Going to the Aquarium with three two-year-olds reminds me that they just don't see the world the same way I do. The thing Sprout got most excited about (again) was... wait for it... the ramps. The kid loves a slight incline. *shrug* Last visit to the Aquarium, he ran up then rolled down the ramps again & again. This time he just ran up & down them, squealing with glee.

Completely unfazed by the fact that a handful of penguins have travelled halfway across the world to live here where we can see them, the nearby stairs are much more entertaining.

These rock fish were rather slow moving & I predicted they'd be uninteresting to a toddler, but he was fascinated by them nonetheless.

Forget the thousands of animals, educational plaques & engineering feats that go into an aquarium. Bubbles! Look at these bubbles!

The beluga managed to hold his attention for a few minutes, anyway.


  1. That is so typical! My kids love the ramps, the bubbles and that stupid frog ride outside the elevator which I've never put money into but they think it's just for climbing in and out of and sitting on.

    1. Sprout's obsessed with the Kermit ride too! I managed to get away with only one 'ride' (I don't put money in the thing either) but didn't get a decent photo of it. LOL


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