Sunday, September 16, 2012

Exercise Challenge: Month 6, Week 2

Sunday we all biked over to Commercial to check out Dream Cycles & Bikes on the Drive. The ride home I tried Oli's Brodie Romax towing Sprout's trailer & can rule that bike out--not enough of a granny gear for me on the hills with 55 lbs+ of load! 35 minutes cycling.
Monday Sprout & I biked over to Granville Street to hang out with Uncle Mikey & get some errands done. 30 minutes of cycling & let's say 10 minutes of walking.
Tuesday I barely left the house except to walk to a meeting a couple of blocks away. Not enough to count as exercise.
Wednesday I walked (Sprout rode his runner bike) to the park & back. Maybe 10 minutes of walking.
Perfect bike ride: new soccer bell & a digger sighting.
Thursday I biked Sprout over to the Aquarium & back, then went downtown for an appointment later on. Total riding time: 100 minutes.
Friday was a big fat zero on the exercise front.
Saturday we got in about 15 minutes of walking.

Weekly Total: 210 minutes.

What is this Exercise Challenge, you ask? Read my post on Day One for details & how you can get involved too.


  1. Wow. Biking to aquarium and back. That's impressive! Well done!

    1. It's not really a long ride, just 8km. Most of it's on bike routes, seawall & separated lanes. The scenery's quite varied along our route, so Sprout doesn't mind being in the seat for 35 minutes at a time. :)


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