Sunday, October 28, 2012

Exercise Challenge: Month 7, Week 4

On my way home in my new coat!
Sunday we biked downtown to the Raffi Concert, 40 minutes of cycling total.
Monday I biked to & from Fitcamp, actually arriving on time, so I got a full 80 minutes of exercise..
Tuesday we walked about 40 minutes.
Wednesday I got in about 20 minutes of walking en route to a Mount Pleasant Family Centre committee meeting.
Thursday I biked Sprout to Buddings & back, getting 20 minutes of walking in while he was there. About 40 minutes exercise for the day.
Friday I slept in, skipped Fitcamp & did virtually no physical activity. Heh.
Saturday I got up before dawn--I know, that's not really an accomplishment when sunrise is at 7:50am, is it? But it sounded good--then biked up to Hillcrest Pool for aquafit. Then we walked to the Athlete's Village & back: 135 minutes of exercise total.

Weekly Total: 355 minutes of exercise. Despite the soggy weather, I managed to squeeze in most of that cycling without getting wet.

What is this Exercise Challenge, you ask? Read my post on Day One for details & how you can get involved too.

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