Thursday, October 11, 2012

Tackling the To Do List: Make Blurb Photo Book

Today I'm taking Sprout to daycare for a few hours so I can have some time to myself & get a few things done. One of which is making a photo book. I've been meaning to do this for over two years now, but like so many other things, it got put aside. Then my laptop finally died, taking all my photos from Sprout's first year of life down with it (yes, I have heard of backing up files. No, I didn't do it for most of them. Sigh.) & I haven't gotten around to taking it to someone who can rescue them.

Why do I need to do this today? Well, after attending a fun Blurb blogger meetup last month, I got a credit to make a photo book. Which expires next week. Rather than attempting to get my computer sorted before that, I decided to make the book about Sprout's second year. I'll get to his first year later.

Hopefully I can get most of the heavy lifting done today--choosing from the scads of photos we've taken, uploading them all & formatting the book. This will be my first actual photo book (don't look so surprised) but I really want it to look great.

Also, I've decided to become a Blurb Affiliate, which means that I can earn commission when I send you, my lovely readers, to Blurb to make your own books. If you haven't heard about Blurb before, I'll be writing a bit more about them in future to tell you how I found the process of making a book & what I think of the finished product once it arrives in the mail. If you have heard of them & you're eager to do a book sooner than that, I'd love it if you'd head to Blurb's site via links in this post or the ad in the right sidebar. :)

How about you? Have you made photo books before? Have you got any tips for me?


  1. I haven't, but want to. I would like to hear your review of the process, and see the finished work! It's kind of overwhelming to think of doing so many for my kids. I wish I had printed more pics, but we didn't print many at all. They are all still digital.

  2. You definitely should! Blurb has a few options for making photo books with them, probably the easiest one would be best for you because it's less time-consuming. That's what I'm testing out at the moment. I've seen sample books in person & they're really quite beautiful with high quality paper & printing. I'll make sure you get to see ours in person as soon as we get it. :)

  3. How much are they? There is a coupon today from one of those wagjag thingies for $25 for $75 worth of books from Picaboo. This means I could get maybe 2 books for that price. Maybe only 1.5, as the cheapest 8x11 seems to be $30 for 20 pages.

  4. For a small square softcover book with 20 pages, it's $11.95. The 8x10" size starts at $19.95. It's a few bucks to add pages, hardcover, different paper qualities, etc.


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