Friday, October 5, 2012

To Do List Avalanche Hazard Level: High

Despite enjoying all the inspiring presentations at Leading Moms on Wednesday, I've been feeling slightly uninspired when it comes to blog posts lately. Not completely--I've started a number of them--but I haven't got anything finished really, just a few more disjointed ramblings to add to my drafts pile.

It's not just the blog here, either. I often get frustrated at all the things that have been sitting on my To Do list for what seems like eons. Is it just me, or do you have an unfinished To Do list hanging over your head like a small, personal raincloud too?

At least I ticked a few things off the list yesterday. Here's one: get Sprout sunglasses.

Spider Sunglasses: $10 at MEC

Psst... Just in case you haven't yet today, could you click on the badge on the left there & vote for The Sprog in the Circle of Moms Top 25 Canadian Bloggers Contest? Thanks!

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