Saturday, October 6, 2012

Helicopter Parenting

Have you heard of 'Helicopter Parenting'? If you haven't, it's the newish term for parents who are overprotective & too involved in their children's lives. Check out this infographic on the impact of Helicopter Parenting on the lives of young adults.

What do you think? Should parents stay directly involved in the lives of their children when it comes to post secondary education & careers? When is it time to let go? 

I'd love to hear what you think in the comments below...

 Hovering Parents in the Workplace Infographic


  1. In my last job, I was the manager of an IT help desk at a medium size private non-profit university in the US. We had parents call us regularly to request assistance creating their children's accounts, resetting passwords, general complaints, such as about our wifi and whatnot, etc... We were prohibited by federal law to give them any info or do password resets. They weren't supposed to be creating their children's accounts either. It was baffling.

    I was always reminded of when I went to school: I organized my own apartment, my stepdad drove me to Victoria, unloaded my stuff from his truck, took me grocery shopping and said See ya! I was left to become competent on my own. I think probably somewhere in the middle is the happy medium that I'll try to find with my own kids...

    1. Wow. That is baffling! I can't imagine doing that with Sprout, but those days are pretty far off. I can't imagine kindergarten, at this point!

      I'd never heard of some of the things mentioned in the infographic, but I've never worked at a university or college. When I taught ESL to young adults, the parents were in other countries & many probably didn't speak English well enough to do much in the way of helicoptering.


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