Sunday, October 7, 2012

Exercise Challenge: Month 7, Week 1

Okay, the last few weeks I've done pretty well, so I decided to step up my game a bit & adjust my goal. I started with thirty minutes a day, 210 a week & have regularly surpassed that lately. So I'm going to nudge it up to 40 minutes a day, for a total of 280 minutes a week.

Sunday we went on the Velo Family Ride. It's a pretty easy pace, so I wouldn't qualify it as cardio. We also rode farther west to visit a friend on the Jericho base, then home again. I'd say maybe 45 minutes of faster riding.
Ratana Stephens, one of the founders of Nature's Path
Monday Sprout biked over to IGA with me. He's getting faster, but he still doesn't go as fast as a good walking speed. No cardio there. Later on we biked over to the Drive & back in a vain attempt to get some Sartori beer at St. Augustine's. It had sold out an hour before we got there. 20 minutes riding.
Tuesday I biked Sprout up to Hillcrest pool for a 'swim'. 'Swimming' with Sprout means clinging to mama, being towed around in a life jacket or splashing around in the shallows. Got about 20 minutes of cycling.
Wednesday I biked over to the Planetarium for Leading Moms. The ride was about 45 minutes there & back. In the evening I felt like crap, so I skipped aquafit.
The sandbox at Mount Pleasant Park
Thursday I intended to go for a long ride around Stanley Park with a friend, but she got sick so we just went to MEC & back (via Mount Pleasant Park for Sprout to get some exercise). About 15 minutes of riding.
Friday I biked up to Fitcamp ($10 drop-in or $35 for 4 classes INCLUDING on-site childcare! More details here.) Total exercise: 70 minutes.
Saturday I biked over to Britannia Library to participate in a writing workshop. About 30 minutes of cycling all together.

Weekly total: 245 minutes. Goal: 280 minutes. About five minutes a day short of my new goal, but still more than my old, so I'm happy with that.

What is this Exercise Challenge, you ask? Read my post on Day One for details & how you can get involved too.

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