Wednesday, November 7, 2012

(Almost) Wordless Wednesday: What we've been up to

Sprout went trick or treating under his own power this year (he wasn't walking last year!) & really enjoyed it. We didn't manage to get him to actually say trick-or-treat at any of the houses, but he did say thank you a lot of the time. I thought we'd go to a handful of houses on the next street (our street isn't big on decorating or giving out candy for some reason) but we ended up going out for quite a long time & even caught a little fireworks show, care of the family in the next block of our street.

Saturday's Stitch & Bitch (more on that here) got about 50 stockings pinned, sewn & hemmed. Jen & I were on sewing duty, Harriet was chief pinner & Oliver was the refreshment committee. Sprout & Theo played remarkably well (if not exactly quietly) together for about two hours while we worked.

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