Thursday, November 8, 2012

Out & About in the Fraserhood

SweetSalt's delicious Chocolate & Vanilla Danish
Oops! I completely forgot to publish a post today. I've been busy with volunteer work for the Mount Pleasant Family Centre, plus the usual weekly activities like fitness classes, family visits, park outings & playdates. Busy doing stuff away from my computer, interacting in person with actual human beings, which is a good thing. Not too busy to take photos of my food to post on Twitter & Foursquare, however... (see image to the right) :)

I've been really enjoying our neighbourhood lately & spent a few hours at a couple of the lovely local cafes in our immediate vicinity this week: SweetSalt Baked Goods & Playscapes, as well as The Gluten Free Epicurean. I hadn't been to the latter before yesterday, but I can tell you it's lovely & very little-kid-friendly. In fact, I added them to Kids At The Table, my kid-friendly restaurant listing for this area. Check out my review here.

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