Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Wordless Wednesday

At SweetSalt Bakery Tuesday afternoon, munching on a disassembled ham & swiss on pretzel sandwich from the kids' menu.

"Do you want to sit in a big boy chair, or in a high chair?"
"I want to sit in a high tair."
"Okay. Do you want the tray?"
"I want a tway."

Maybe if he can ask for the high chair & tray in a complete sentence, it's time to stop using high chairs?

This week I'm linking up here:

Nothing says “best gift ever” like a gray fox!
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  1. I also liked this (in the play area while carrying a yellow wooden car):

    Me: "Look, Linnaeus! There is also a green car on the floor! Do you want it too?"

    Sprout: "I want to have a green car on the floor too!"

    1. Ha! Yes, he's parroting things a lot these days. He knows something's up & won't do it exactly though:

      Oliver, upon noticing Sprout just repeated his last utterance verbatim: "Papa is strong."
      Sprout: "Papa is NOT strong."


  2. Firstly you boys has beautiful eyes and I love the little conversation you added. It sound like something I would have with my little girl.
    I am following you now and would love for you to follow back.


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