Thursday, December 27, 2012

Boxing Day Eat-a-thon

This pretty much sums it up:

Well, with a whole lot of this too:

Lego-ing with his older cousin. Only tried to eat one or two pieces.
Handmade alien rattle stuffies have tasty antennae, apparently.
Hand knit & felted crown from Auntie Wendy!
Owl finger puppet from 'Auntie Nana' & handmade apron from Auntie Wendy.
Auntie Sarah has a large collection of Xmas doodads, including a singing dog.
Sprout's twin cousins opening their Pyjama Eaters
A piano, er, quartet?

My sister & brother-in-law's condo was stuffed to the brim with relatives old & young, everyone grazing on a table & counter top full of mostly homemade baking, plus a whole lot of sushi & potstickers. There were even more presents--many of them handmade--so Sprout got thoroughly spoiled. I don't think I'll need to eat again for the rest of the year.

I wish my extended family got together like this more often. We all live within Greater Vancouver, so geography isn't really an issue. We just tend to require some sort of occasion to bring us together. Though now that babies are appearing every year or so, we have more events like first birthday parties added into the list of occasions demanding attendance of 18 or so of us...

Did you see a lot of your relatives this holiday season? Or did you escape to somewhere warm without them? :)

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