Wednesday, December 26, 2012

(Not very) Wordless Wednesday: Christmas Recap

Christmas Day this year was a relatively low-key event for us. We had my parents over for dinner--just five of us, including Sprout. I also decided not to go too crazy on the gifts, either. There were a few things I got for Sprout in the months before Christmas that I decided just to give him right away, rather than making him wait & doing it all at once. We had to prompt him to open more than one or two gifts, as he'd get interested in whatever it was as soon as it came out of the gift bag & forget about the rest. Here are a few photos of our day:

Delighted with his 'Hanimals' (stick-on animal hand tattoos)
 "A shark!" "Er, no sweetie, that's an orca."
Guess I was bad this year?

The feast, including brussel sprouts we grew in the yard. #locavoreXmas

Hope your December 25th was lovely, full of food & family. Today is Boxing Day, which for my family means Xmas: Part II. The big family gathering is at my sister's--an afternoon eat-all-the-baking-&-snacks-you-can kind of thing where there will be a second round of gift-giving & lots of cousins for Sprout to play with.
What's your Boxing Day tradition? Did you head out to the madness of the sales? Skiing maybe? Or just a day off to relax?

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