Sunday, December 30, 2012

Exercise Challenge: Month 9, Week 4

Grey weather does not encourage cycling
Sunday we went to the Vancouver Christmas Market & then ran some errands on the way home, which involved about 20 minutes of walking.
Monday we did some last-minute shopping (for groceries) & got our photo taken with Santa. We also picked up a Stolle at SweetSalt Bakery. The walk to & fro was about 35 minutes.
Tuesday was Christmas & we didn't leave the house, as we were hosting dinner.
Wednesday we walked over to my sister's place for the family Boxing Day Eat-a-thon. 60 minutes walking total.
Thursday we lazed around the house. No exercise whatsoever.
Friday we walked over to Granville & back. About 100 minutes total.
Saturday we biked over to Hastings Sunrise area during a rare break in the rain. We made a couple of stops & walked part of the way between shops. About 65 minutes of exercise.

Weekly Total: 280 minutes. Exactly on target for the goal of 40 minutes a day on average! Woot--human-powered transportation in a walkable city for the win!

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