Saturday, December 29, 2012

I♥Biking: Eat eat eat!

One of my favourite post-ride pigouts: sushi!
One of the reasons I ride for transportation is because it means I don't have to find time to exercise. I burn up a lot of calories just heading to appointments, getting groceries, taking Sprout to far-flung parks & going to places like the aquarium. So that means I don't really worry about what I eat & I don't gain weight. I've found an equilibrium where I can indulge in things like cheese, eggnog, chocolate & all the other sweet stuff that comes with the holidays, but because of the biking (& walking & occasional fitness classes--I can't discount that) I don't really gain any weight.

I love that feeling of coming home hungry after a big ride & eating whatever I feel like. When I wasn't riding much, I rarely ever felt all that hungry. Those stomach growls & that empty feeling rarely appeared because I just wasn't getting enough exercise to burn off the energy from what I was eating.

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