Saturday, December 15, 2012

Green Stocking Stuffer: Tom's of Maine Toothbrush & toothpaste

If you do the stocking tradition with your family at Christmas time, what do you stuff them with? I remember getting little toys, a mandarin orange, chocolate coins & a candy cane, but also a few useful things like socks or a toothbrush.

I plan to continue this tradition of sneaking a few useful things into the stockings with my little family. I think Christmas is a great time of year to try to choose gifts with less environmental impact as well.

I came across a great idea for an eco-friendly stocking stuffer recently: Tom's of Maine has recently introduced a toothbrush. Like the rest of their products, it's made without dye, artificial colours or BPA. The handle is made from plant-based plastic that comes from castor oil plants & it is recyclable via their Terra Cycle collection program. When you send off your empty toothpaste tubes, used toothbrushes & other personal care product containers, Terra Cycle makes them into things like park benches, garbage bins & cutting boards.

The Tom's toothbrush retails for about $4. You can buy it on (the Christmas delivery deadline is Monday!!) or look for it at drug stores & natural food stores.

If you're looking for toothpaste for your kids too, check out Tom's of Maine Silly Strawberry. It's great for toddlers with a much less powerful taste than the mint. No artificial colours or weird chemicals either. You can get it with or without fluoride.

Disclaimer: I received a free sample of the new Tom's toothbrush & the Silly Strawberry toothpaste to try out. This is not a sponsored post: the words & opinions above are my own.

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