Sunday, January 6, 2013

Exercise Challenge: Month 9, Week 5

Hinge Park waterfront, on Southeast False Creek
Sunday I walked to Broadway & back to catch the bus to Brentwood to meet my sister for a rare kid-free get-together. Later on we walked up to Prince Edward Park with Sprout. About 45 minutes walking in total for the day.
Monday we had a lovely walk in the dark through the bumpy roads of foresty Bowen Island, stargazing without the light pollution that normally hinders all but the brightest stars. It amounted to about 20 minutes of exercise, I think.

Tuesday we spent the day hanging out with friends & got rides everywhere, so there really wasn't any exercise to be had.

Wednesday I spent the afternoon writing & didn't get out.

Thursday we walked down to False Creek & back--about 75 minutes.

Friday I got out of the house for lunch, but it wasn't enough walking to count as exercise.
Saturday I came down with another cold virus & spent much of the day sleeping or lounging on the couch.

Weekly Total: 140 minutes. About half of my goal. :S

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