Tuesday, January 8, 2013

It's ON!

Sorry for the rather late post today. I have a good excuse though: we started toilet training today. Or I should probably say 'potty training', as Sprout now seems more interested in using the potty. Which is good, as we've got three of them (Thank you Wendy!) now stationed in various parts of the house.

"Potty! (:" vs. "Puddle ):"
I read a number of articles about toilet training & thought about it a lot, but I think I'm just going to wing it, mostly. We'll stay home most of the week--I've cleared the calendar of most things (okay, we had virtually nothing scheduled anyway). If I do get out, I'll try to do an outing or two at places conducive to this process. I'm thinking the swimming pool & maybe the family centre, possibly a park outing or two, though with the rain & the cold, I'm not sure we'd get all the outerwear off in time. :P

In terms of what I'm doing around the house, the rugs are up off the floor & I've turned up the heat. Sprout is running around in a warm shirt & undies--no pants--to make using the potty a bit easier. So far, we've had two 'successes' & one puddle. I decided to keep track (more for my benefit than his) with a sticker chart on his easel, as you can see in the photo. I haven't got any shape stickers around, so I decided to use letters. We'll see how far along in the alphabet we get by bedtime!

I'm hopeful that we'll see some real progress within a week so we can get back to our routine of going out & doing things. I really loved the idea of the weekend potty training method, but I'm not convinced Sprout is going to learn that fast. Of course, now I'll have to worry about bringing more extra clothes & reminding him to pee a lot more often. Not looking forward to that. However, I will not be nostalgic about the diaper laundry or diaper changes/wrestling matches. So, onwards & upwards!

Wish us luck!

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  1. I found it easier to start with the potty, as it is more portable, and they can get on and off it without help, and once they have figured it out, transition to the toilet. Of course, the girls always wanted to pee simultaneously, so we had to use potties for quite some time, as I am NOT installing 2 toilets in all of my bathrooms! Potties are also very handy while on driving vacations...easy to pull over, put child on potty in back of car, or on floor of car, then dump in the ditch! However...when your child uses the potty on the ferry..and you can't dump it..then tosses her pink teddy bear into the potty while you are driving off the ferry...not such a good thing. Ty beanie babies can suck up a lot of pee.

    1. Ew, argh, I'm dreading actually having to go anywhere. At least our stroller basket is huge, so fitting a potty in there, along with several extra changes of clothes & my purse won't be a problem.


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