Monday, February 25, 2013

A Day in the Life

A whole lotta this...

After my first full week at school in the PR program at SFU, plus a little 'networking' with my classmates (read: pigging out on panko-breaded chicken strips & fries with tonnes of ketchup), I was ready for a weekend.

Sunday was my 'Saturday' (keep this in mind when you're all yelling TGIF--I've got one more school day to go! :P) & I spent the first half of it researching potential practicum placements. In the afternoon, after we actually managed to get Sprout to nap, we headed to the BC Home & Garden Show. I have to admit, I was underwhelmed. True, we did get there in the last hour & a half of the show, but I was expecting it to look a bit less like a trade show, I guess. I didn't see any kid-friendly stuff there either, except one booth with wooden playground structure thingies.

Today, my 'Sunday', I had a really productive day. I biked Sprout to daycare by a little after 9am, picked up a book at the library that i need for school (Canadian Press Style Guide) & biked back home in time to do an information interview with the lovely Jeanette of Limelite PR, via Skype. Between that & the time my stomach rumbling got the better of me, I did an overhaul of my LinkedIn profile.

While munching on a bagel & an apple, I sorted out some Sprog-related business & responded to literally dozens of emails relating to school stuff & my board work with the Mount Pleasant Family Centre Society. I got started on some of my homework & then realized it was time to go pick up Sprout from daycare, so I zipped over by bike again.

With just a little bit of this.
Once Sprout is home, it's pretty hard to just jump back into work, so I made us some smoothies (banana, mango, soy milk, oatmeal, hemp hearts & chia, in case you were wondering) while he rode around on his collection of ride-on toys on the deck. Oli got home at this point & I was able to get back to work for an hour or two while he made dinner & Sprout alternately tried to sit on me or hijack my computer. I managed to get started on redoing my resume & do a little writing work for Hawksworth as well, despite some Gmail issues, dinner & toddler tantrums.

At just after 10pm, I'm pretty tired. Also proud that I got so much done today on only five or six hours of sleep. Here's hoping I can sustain this productivity for the next, oh, eight weeks.

What was your day like today?

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  1. Whew! I'm tired just reading this. You go, mama! :)

  2. Ha! I thought I'd be pooped by the end of the day, but I wasn't. Or not more so than usual, anyway. ;)

  3. Wow you are one busy lady. Great stuff though!

    1. Thanks! It's been a bit of a challenge going from sleeping until 9 & making my own schedule with only an hour or two of work here & there to full time, five days a week, daycare pickups, packing lunches & homework. But a week in, I feel like I'm into the swing of things!


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