Thursday, February 28, 2013

Skip Days

This is what two hours of my day looks like.
It's been nearly a year & a half since I last missed a day posting on The Sprog. My school schedule, two-hour commute, homework, volunteer work, freelance writing & all that raising a family stuff is my excuse for not posting the last two days. I figure I'm entitled to a break, such as it was, since I am the boss around here. :)

I do have quite a few things in the hopper for you here on The Sprog, however. When I get around to posting about them, there are a number of reviews coming, including a few books, multivitamins, a website by the BC government to help you with healthy meal planning, plus another review & giveaway of a little something from Planet Bike.

If I miss a few more days here & there but you really need a dose of The Sprog, you can find me on Facebook, Twitter & Instagram most days.

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  1. I once calculated that in the 4 years I worked in Delta and took the bus, I spent 125 full (24 hour) days of my life riding transit. Of course, I did not have any children back then, but it really wore me out. Do you find that Sprout misses you, or is he adapting well to child care?

    1. I often spend half my ride home 'networking' (read: hanging out with classmates), or sometimes I do a bit of homework, so I don't mind.

      Sprout is doing well at daycare--he's always happy to see me at the end of the day, but he's also excited to see his daycare provider & little friends when he arrives. He comes home singing new songs & showing me what he's learned (Putting on shoes! Taking off jacket!).


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