Monday, February 18, 2013

Back to School Time

My view 10 hours a week. Photo cwangdom via Flickr.
Today was our official 'dry run' of the daycare drop-off & pickup routine. Sprout is getting used to waking up earlier & likes to go to daycare. The mad rush to get the three of us off in three different directions is harder for us than him. Oliver got Sprout out of the house & into the bike trailer a bit later than hoped. I picked Sprout up a bit earlier than I will be able to in the next few weeks.

Tomorrow's my first day of school, which is unfortunately all the way out in Surrey: an hour commute by transit from home. I'm trying to look at the time I'll be sitting on the Skytrain (I think I'll get a seat, since I'll be travelling against the usual flow during rush hour) as a bit of a break in a way. I could try to get some homework done or even, gasp, read a novel.

Posting around here is probably going to be a bit light--I will try for daily still, but there might be a few more photo-heavy or short bits in the next few weeks. Also look for a weekly 'column' by Oliver & possibly a guest post or two by some of my fabulous blogger friends.

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