Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Review: FEMmed Pregnancy Multivitamins

A couple of months ago, when I was in the grips of first trimester nausea (I refuse to call it 'morning sickness', as it was ALL DAY) I got the chance to review femMED's Pregnancy+Ginger multivitamins. I found ginger tea helped me so I was eager to try a more convenient form of ginger.

I found the vitamins did help with the nausea, along with getting enough sleep & eating small meals with protein about every two hours. FemMED Pregnancy+Ginger offers similar quantities of vitamins & minerals to other brands, but with 1000mg of ginger per day. You will need to take three per day which could be a hassle to remember all of them. However, if your stomach is sensitive, taking three over the day might be easier for you. If you haven't got time to brew up vats of ginger tea & sip on that all day, these vitamins are a convenient alternative to get your ginger. Each container has 60 capsules which is only 20 days worth & at $27.95 per, that makes them significantly more expensive than a lot of other brands out there.

FemMED makes a wide variety of specialized supplements for women to target things like bone health, breast health, hormonal balance, menopause & sleep, among other things. femMED is available at Shoppers Drugmart/Pharmaprix, Walmart, Loblaws, Rexall PharmaPlus, London Drugs & Save-On-Foods as well as on femMED's website.

Disclaimer: This is not a sponsored post, but I did receive two bottles of vitamins to try out for this review. The opinions above are my own, as usual. This post is not intended to be medical advice--if you have questions about supplements & nausea (or any other health concerns) during pregnancy, please ask your midwife, nurse or doctor!

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