Sunday, May 12, 2013

To All The Mothers

Photo Credit: . SantiMB . via Compfight cc

Here's to all the mothers who lost babies, whether it was in the first trimester or the last, the first pregnancy or the second or the sixth.

To all the mothers who submitted to countless medical appointments and invasive procedures with unpronounceable names reduced to acronyms: IVF, ICI, ICSI...

To all the mothers who created families through adoption: to the birth moms and to the adoptive moms.

To all the mothers whose birth experiences became traumatic medicalized nightmares.

To all the mothers who spent weeks or months in the NICU.

To all the lesbian mothers still fighting to have their relationships with their partners & children recognized.

To all the transgendered mothers and trans men who've given birth.

To all the mothers who are still waiting for their children.

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