Friday, May 10, 2013

Linnaeus 2.8/9

First time he got his own cone at DQ
Another month whipped by, sped up by being in school full-time. April 10th came & went: I completely forgot to do the monthly update on Linnaeus. Heh. So here's two months in one for you.

Sprout comes home from daycare each day with new songs & skills. He's learned his colours fairly well & regularly identifies things around him correctly. For some reason, he mixes up blue & green. He's solid on pink, purple, black, white & red though. What shocked me recently was when he casually started pointing out letters on a poster in our living room. He got to six or seven correctly & amazed me. I later asked our daycare provider if she's been working on the alphabet with hime or if they do it at StrongStart, but apparently not. The only thing I can think of is this alphabet train phone app that I let him play with. Since he first showed me the letters on the poster I've occasionally quizzed him on letters & he seems to recognize more than half the alphabet now.

The boy still loves reading books & has large chunks of them memorized. I'm beginning to wonder when he'll actually start reading himself, with the way he's learned his letters almost by himself. He particularly loves all the Dr. Seuss books that Papa reads to him nightly--he really loves the rhythm & rhyme of The Foot Book, The Cat in the Hat, One Fish Two Fish & The Lorax particularly. I really hope his love of books continues beyond when he starts to read himself.

The past few weeks Sprout seems to have accumulated a lot of new songs from going to StrongStart regularly with his daycare. When not sleeping or eating, he's usually singing his ABCs, something about a bumblebee & names, Baa Baa Black Sheep, or a number of other songs I'm not that familiar with. His ability to carry a tune has vastly improved as well--he sings a bit off-key when he's focussing on the lyrics, but if he hums the songs, he hits the notes more accurately.

Sprout's appetite has been a little up & down in the past two months, partly because of two bouts of gastro bugs. His favourite food is still "Soosie!" (sushi) & he often requests it, even for breakfast. Perhaps related to regularly eating nori in his maki, he seems to have partly gotten past his leaf aversion. When we're out in the yard, he'll sometimes munch leaves of kale directly off the plants in the garden. I doubt he's gained much weight in the past couple of months, but he's definitely growing; he's already 37.5", which is apparently tall for his age.

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  1. Very cute! Theo is still a bit shaky on colours. Brown, orange are for sures, the rest still appear to be hit and miss.


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