Monday, June 10, 2013

Linnaeus 2.10

At Ryu Sushi on Main. & nope, he's not sleeping. See #3.
I've finally started saying that Sprout is "almost three" when asked his age. When someone asks him his age, he usually replies, "Linnaeus!" Um, yeah. We should probably work on that one. 

Here's a list of his recent favourite things: 
  1. Book: Angela's Airplane, by Robert Munsch
  2. Food: "soosi"
  3. Odd request: "Mama, I need to lie down" in a restaurant, on the bus, in the park...
  4. New helmet design: he passed up blue sharks, light blue city print, pink fairies, red flames on black & chose white with abstract ladybugs
  5. Footwear: his new gumboots
  6. Pastime: pretending he's other things (a bug, a cat, a digger, a helicopter, a plane, a car, etc) accompanied by appropriate sound effects
  7. Toy: one of his small toy trucks (he's generally happy with any of them)
  8. Thing to watch: large machines like chipper trucks, excavators, concrete trucks, cranes
  9. Bribe for sitting on the toilet: playing his alphabet train app on Mama's phone
  10. Outdoor activity: riding his runner bike

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  1. Cute! I've been calling Theo almost 4 for a while now. Just getting used to the idea!


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