Friday, July 12, 2013

City Commons: Community Building with the Vancouver Tool Library

This week kicks off the Placemaking project by the Vancouver Tool Library called City Commons. There are six different projects happening that you can get involved with, all over Vancouver.

This Saturday, July 13, in my neighbourhood, there will be a block party & street painting project at Gather Round, Vancouver's smallest park. Where the 10th Avenue Bikeway & the St. George Rainway meet is a traffic circle that has been mosaic'd & functions as a gathering space where people hang out, drink coffee & play music on weekends. Let’s splash some paint on the road and celebrate with a big block party! Intersection of 10th Avenue & St. George. The pancake breakfast starts at 11am, painting at 12, and block party at 5.

Find out more about this & the other placemaking projects here on Vancouver Tool Library's Facebook page.

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