Thursday, July 11, 2013

Linnaeus 2.11, or THREE in T- 31 days!

I'm getting used to the idea that I'm going to have a three-year-old soon. Still doesn't seem real that I'll have two munchkins to deal with soon after, though. I've also survived a week of no daycare, making an effort to plan an outing daily so I don't get cabin fever. I'm still cycling a little bit, but avoiding any major hills or longer trips. That means more transit trips, which ain't that fun in this heat, I've gotta say.

Sprout's been growing like a weed & now weighs around 32lbs, which is up a little in the percentiles since six months ago, despite having had two gastro bugs as well as numerous days here & there where he didn't eat much. He's about 38" tall, which I think might make him eligible for the ball room at Ikea. We'll have to find out after they settle the lockout with their workers.

Getting there

Potty training continues on a very gradual basis. Pushing this kid to do anything quickly is like herding cats. He's actually dry at night nearly always & mostly dry in the day, asking to pee & holding for minutes on end. On our way home from the Okanagan on the long weekend, he told us he had to pee & poo as we were driving down the highway. By the time we reached a rest stop at least five or ten minutes later, he'd held it in & then went in the toilet. I cannot express the depth of my pride on that one. & Oli's relief at not having a major mess to clean up.

Despite the gains, Sprout is now refusing to use regular toilets unless we have a little seat with us. I'd resisted buying a 'portable' seat because we have a great one that's integrated into ours at home & he seemed fine with me helping him on regular seats. I bought one to make things easier at Oma & Opa's house, but ended up going for a rather bulky one because the other choices were all covered in trademarked characters or glitter or they made sound effects. Sigh. So I guess I'll have to resort to hauling the rather large seat we bought around with us if we want him to pee when we're out. Two steps forward, one step back.

The fun stuff

toddler play on structure near althletes village vancouver
"I'm an aiwplane!"
The imaginative play continues: we are apparently "burs" & we live in "burs's house". Some days he is a cat & I am a beaver. A couple weeks ago we were cranes, ice cream trucks & cars. Sprout also does a lot of forbidding people to do things. "No, you cannot come in burs's house."

Something that actually makes my life easier is that he's enjoying his chores: his favourite is probably refilling the bird feeder. He's also very willing to put things back in their proper place. When we are leaving somewhere & he's playing with someone else's possessions, I can generally ask him to put it back where it belongs & he'll relinquish it without a fight.

Sprout has also finally 'grown into' his duplo. Fairly uninterested before, he's now regularly building giant towers with the stuff. He's also started to like the jigsaw puzzles I got him a while ago. We have a set of four Melissa & Doug construction vehicle themed ones that he sat down the other day with, methodically piecing together one after the other. Sadly for me, he's still not terribly interested in drawing or crafty things. Maybe his sister will like that kind of stuff so I'll get to indulge my fantasies of making things with my kid.

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  1. Aw! Excellent on the potty. My niece also required the seat to come with here everywhere so her grandfather essentially attached it to his backpack and off the went! I find Theo can't hold #2 for very long. He's never had an accident but I have think fast when he needs to go. So stressful. We're always at the park with no bathroom or somewhere downtown far from a Starbucks. Awful. We basically start sprinting while he screams "I HAVE TO GO POO! We arrive sweating somewhere and ba-da-bing. *sweat sweat*

    1. Argh, I'm not sure which is worse: having to watch for the quiet grunting/hiding in a corner behaviour or having the child screaming about poo in public. :/ I have to sprint (well, waddle at top speed) when I pick up the signal too.

  2. Sidenote: Theo probably got into drawing (mainly sea monsters) somewhere into his threes so Linneus will probably still get into it.

    1. Ah, good to know. I will keep up hope... I would just love to have a kid that shared that interest with me, but I don't want to push him if he's just not into it.


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