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Listicles: Ten Things I'll Remember This Summer By

This Labour Day weekend's Listicles topic was brought to you by the fabulous Stasha of 10 THINGS I WILL REMEMBER THIS SUMMER BY. For me, this summer was memorable not because of any fabulous trips we took or amazing new experiences we had. We were terribly neglectful of my Summer Bucket List & accomplished few of the things on it. Yet it'll still be a summer to remember for these reasons:

Surviving my entire third trimester during a heat wave. Okay, I exaggerate, but at least half of it was during unseasonably warm & muggy weather. I normally love hot weather, but as any of you out there who've been pregnant know, being pregnant just makes that gorgeous weather exhausting & sticky.

Flies. Oh. My. God. What in the world is it that has attracted so many bloody flies into our house? Big ones, little ones. Fruit flies, Bluebottles, there always seem to be at least ten in every room & it's seriously driving me crazy. Probably getting a CSA that's mainly plums hasn't helped--having 25-50 pounds of ripe fruit sitting in the kitchen for a few days until we freeze, can, dry or eat may be a contributing factor.
The vacationless summer of staying put. I meant to go camping. I wanted to head to Victoria. I really wanted to spend a weekend on one of the Gulf Islands in a cabin or B & B. Despite the Bucket List, none of those things happened. The farthest afield that we went was the Okanagan to visit Sprout's Oma & Opa. However, I don't really count visiting my octagenarian in-laws as a vacation exactly.

Unemployment. I had hoped to find full-time work this summer so that I could work enough hours to qualify for paid maternity & parental EI, but just like the last time, time ran out & nobody wanted to hire a pregnant lady. I did a little temping & looked for work once I finished school in April, but by the time mid-May rolled around, most of the internships I was going for were filled & there would be no way to get in all the hours needed, so I settled into SAHMing for another summer. Financially, working & then getting 50 weeks of EI would have been so much better for us. In terms of the strain on me, working a new job full time nearly right up til my due date? Not sure how well that would have gone.

Procrastinating. I'm normally quite good at this, but this summer has seen epic levels of the putting off of things, I have to admit. Product reviews on the blog, taxes, extended health insurance claims, home repairs, getting ready for the new baby... you name it, I've postponed it.
We finally fixed our deck. Or rather paid some people a lot of money to do it. #5 was a serious factor in this one. The thing was a serious hazard by the time we did it: leaking through to the garage below; attracting raccoons, who dug up through layers of rotted plywood; not to mention being a serious falling risk for our toddler, as the railings were built to 1950s standards, which allow small children to go under, over or through quite easily.

After weeks of construction & many decisions, the thing is now safe & almost done. Here's hoping they finish before the baby arrives...

Being done with diapers! Sprout was finally really ready to toilet train in July & it just kind of happened. There have been a few accidents since then, but only about once a week & nothing disastrous so far. Here's hoping we won't have a major regression when his sister arrives. In any case, it was great to have a little two-month holiday between children in diapers.
Ice cream. I'm going to hide behind the excuse of pregnancy cravings for this one. I discovered last pregnancy that my body somehow relearns how to digest lactose again (I'm normally lactose-intolerant & can't handle much dairy without taking lactase tablets) midway through my second trimester. This time, I started testing it out around three months & by about four months along, I was fully on the dairy bandwagon & consuming litres of the stuff a week. I'm partial to the 4L buckets of Chapman's from the grocery store, but also Blizzards & dipped cones from Dairy Queen. Having a DQ within waddling distance of our house is dangerous, I tell you, made all the more so by joining their Blizzard Club & getting BOGO coupons every couple of months or so.

Instagram. I was a little late coming to the party on this one, only joining late last fall, so this is my first summer of sharing square photos with people I hardly know online every day. :) If you would like to follow me on Instagram, I'm Spokesmama there too.
Edgar Rice Burroughs Mars Series. I downloaded the first of these pulp-fiction swashbuckling in space adventure novellas (for free here) quite a while ago & after turning off the socialist/feminist/literary critique part of my brain, I quite enjoyed it. I've dug my teeth into the subsequent books in the series, letting my brain float away to "Barsoom" to follow the exploits of the green, white, yellow, red, & black martians when I get a spare moment.

What's made your summer memorable this year? Let me know in the comments below!

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  1. oh no...pregnancy in this weather is no fun. Yay! no more diapers...what a big accomplishment...Dino has been using the bathroom for some time now, so now we are working on how to properly wipe, LOL

    1. Augh, the wiping... I know that'll be a long time before I'm done with that, but it's still magnitudes better than changing diapers! :)

  2. I feel you on the pregnant during the heat of the summer misery. It was 115 the day I delivered my oldest son.

  3. Heather was pregnant twice over the summer and it was miserable for her. This was especially true when we moved to Charleston just before the birth of Liam. Her first southern summer was brutal on her.

  4. Visiting from Listicles. UGH...two of mine were born in Sept. and beginning of I've been thru the summer icky months while preggers. NO FUN! But the results are oh so worth it :)

  5. I can relate to #1. Although my due date wasn't until the end of October, I started the third trimester during an ungodly heatwave towards the end of August. On top of that, our house did not have air conditioning, either. Those were some miserable days. On the upside, I got to walk around without a coat in October when most people were cold. :)

  6. I found the exact same thing with dairy during my pregnancies. Kind of dangerous, actually! And I was uber pregnant during last year's heat waves (and the legendary ones of 2009 as well), so I totally get it. Glad you got your deck all squared away before baby girl arrives!

  7. Found your blog from Listicles! I agree with the fruit flies - they have been relentless this summer. Maybe the rain will make them go away!

  8. Flies--ugh! We've battled that issue before and it's not fun!

    Sounds like you got a lot accomplished this summer, even while you were procrastinating on other things. Hope the birth goes well!


  9. Sorry about the job! I am so excited to 'meet' the baby. You can always command visit us, counts as vacation ;)

  10. Procrastinating with the "Barsoom" series sounds like a great summer, maybe without flies


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