Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Wordless Wednesday, a bit late

Oh the joys of low milk supply:

Bottle feed formula/pumped milk
Burp, wipe up inevitable spit-ups
Change diaper
Wash hands
Wash various small plastic parts & containers

Repeat six to eight times a day.


  1. Oh geez I totally remember that routine! That feeding tube!! Geez. Anyway you are in my thoughts. At least you've gone through this before and triumphed right?! Take care!!

    1. Yeah, we've dispensed with the tube for now. I was finger feeding her with it, as I couldn't get it to work at the breast, but I might give it another shot soon. & yes, it is easier the second time around. I know from experience that it won't be forever that we'll be supplementing. Thanks for your support! :)


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