Friday, March 21, 2014

On Excuses + Three Tips To Get More Active

Waiting at the bike light at 10th Ave & Clark
Attention: confessional post ahead.

This week has been ROUGH. Many, many moments where I was at the end of my rope with Linnaeus & many more where I just felt like I'm completely failing at motherhood. I had intended to start going to two Fit4Two classes a week last week, but muscles spasms on both sides of my upper back made me stay home. This week was Spring Break for L's preschool, so I'd hoped to make it on Wednesday & Friday with a combination of my mom & Oli working from home, which didn't work, as my mom came down with a cold.

Last night Brontë got up for her usual 2am feeding & after putting her back down, I just couldn't get back to sleep. I'd only gotten an hour or so before that. I rarely get insomnia, but as I said, it's been a rough week & there were a lot of things running through my mind. I finally passed out of exhaustion after her next feeding, around 6am. Three hours of sleep later, my alarm went off & I lay there deciding whether or not to drag my ass to spinning class.

Spinning class action shot (my excuse for blurriness)
I did it. Oli was working from home, so I was just able to take off a few minutes before class started & bike there. That was glorious--I so rarely get to ride these days as Brontë's still too little & I'm rarely away from her. I'm really glad I just did it. The sunny day, the crisp air & all the endorphins from the workout were totally worth it. That's not to say I had a great workout--frankly I kinda phoned it in because I was feeling almost nauseated (ate too soon before) & I guess the sleep deprivation didn't help either--but I made it. Also: when we did sit ups at the end of class, my stomach didn't tent! (If you have no idea what I mean by tenting, you probably didn't get diastasis recti, so you just enjoy your abs that are all together & stuff.)

I write this post to hopefully inspire you to just do it & get out there. But I'm not going to go all Maria Kang & ask you "What's your excuse?" I know very well that some days you really need to listen to the excuses & just hit snooze. You should just stay in your pajamas until afternoon. But hey, for me, today was not one of those days.

Here are my suggestions, if you want to get more fit, maybe lose weight, whatever your goals are for being more active:

1. Start small.

Just one day a week, don't allow yourself any excuses. Get out there or on your equipment in your home or wherever & do it.

2. Don't do it alone.

That's why I like Fit4Two classes, because they're designed to be social. I can talk a little to other moms during class & hanging out after is very much encouraged. Everybody there has babies & knows what it's like to be totally sleep deprived & all the other "fun" things that go along with having children. Find classes & more info on the Fit4Two site, their facebook page, or follow @Fit4TwoInc on Twitter.

3. Try to "Sneak It In".

To help Canadians become more physically active throughout their workdays, ParticipACTION is gearing up for the third annual Sneak It In Week, April 7-11. Follow on Facebook & Twitter  (#sneakitin) so you stay up to date on this year’s Sneak It In Week activities & contests. Join the Sneak It In Week event on Facebook too!

Disclaimer: As a Fit4Two Ambassador, I attend their fitness classes for free, but am not otherwise compensated for posting about their programs. I have been going to Fit4Two classes on & off for four years now--I've only been an ambassador for a couple of months of that time--I truly believe in their programs!

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