Thursday, March 20, 2014

Review; #PlayDome @BCPlace + Insider Tips

Last weekend we were lucky enough to get media access to PlayDome at BC Place. Being the first day, in the morning, it wasn't that busy, so we never really had to line up for any of the rides. With Bronte in the stroller, too young to ride on anything, we were a bit limited, but Linnaeus went on nearly every ride that he was big enough for--about a dozen.

There are about fifteen rides that kids 36" & taller can go on. Some require an adult to ride too, some the kids can go on their own, & some have a maximum height limit of 42". There are plenty of spinning, dropping, flinging & scrambling rides for the bigger kids & adults too. I'd honestly say it's great for kids aged three to teens.

PlayDome runs for a few more days--until March 23rd--so there's still time to go if you haven't yet. PlayDome at BC Place is open 10:30am-9pm daily March 15 to 22, then 10:30am-6pm Sunday, March 23rd. All-day ride passes are $29, $6 for guests. See for more info.

Here are a few insider tips: 
  • You can save $10 off the all day ride pass if you're a BCAA member
  • Costco is a block away from BC Place & has a $1.50 hot dog & drink special (you don't need a membership to access their concession)
  • If your child is just under or just over the height limits, the ride operators are a bit flexible...
  • There is a quiet area of seating & some food vendors near the washrooms past the carousel--great for breastfeeding or just taking a break from the hubbub
& lastly, some photos I snapped on my phone from our experience at PlayDome:

The Chopper ride is always a hit with little kids

We ran into some friends & L got to ride with A & Q on 'Hog Wild'

I went in the Helicopter ride with L & we both loved it

L liked the carousel a lot too

Spokespapa & baby B in front of German Stereotype Haus

L liked them so much he rode the bumper cars twice: once with each parent

Spokespapa is strapped into the orange blur on the right there...

Bulgy the whale? More like Bulgy the fish, but whatever... L rode this twice too

L's first rollercoaster ride was awesome for the first few circuits, then he cried & got off early

Our friend A watched baby B so we could ride the ferris wheel

Here's the video of our ferris wheel experience. I loved it, as did three-year-old L, but O is a bit afraid of heights, so his vertigo was kicking in (as you can hear)...

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