Monday, May 19, 2014

How Far Does $100 Go At Value Village? The Results

Thursday the Spokesfamily piled into a Modo car & drove out to Queensborough to check out the new Value Village to see how far $100 would take us. I went in with an open mind, intending to look for clothing & toys for the kids, maybe some clothes for me & Oliver, plus fabric for some sewing projects I have in mind.

We generally go to Value Village a few times a year but I'm fairly sure I've never spent $100 there, so I thought it might be a challenge to find that many things we wanted to take home. I was definitely wrong about that & we actually ended up spending $140 on:

a pair of David Dixon flats & four dresses for me--$8-15 each

Red patent peep toe T-strap flats? Yes, please!
I'm a sucker for dresses that show my tattoo

a pair of Levi's jeans & some Keen shoes for Oliver--$13 each

Pretty sure we saved nearly $120 on these Keens

shorts, three blouses, a dress, a sweatshirt for baby Bronte--$3-5 each

Seriously cute stuff for Baby B

robot dinosaur swim trunks & a toy concrete truck for Linnaeus--$11

German-made toys are pricey--we saved about $60

four wooden pants hangers & two bags of vintage wooden spools of thread--$11

I love the wood spools!

two vintage flat sheets to use for sewing projects--$8

First item in my basket: vintage sheets for pillow covers, I think.

Pretty good haul, right? We were there for a couple of hours, but we didn't even get through the entire store. I definitely want to go back to that location. The place was full of great quality stuff--if given more time & fewer children with me, I'm sure I could have spent double that... :)

Ringing up the loot.

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Disclaimer: I was given $100 in gift certificates for Value Village. The words, opinions & photos above are my own, however.

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  1. You reminded me of Value Village, I picked up a skirt, new pair of jeans, and capris for about $15 yesterday. :)

  2. I adore Value Village. I'd estimate that close to 80% of the clothes coming into the house are thrifted from our local store and it's a first call for household stuff too. I am so envious of your gift certificate :p

    1. Wow! That's some serious commitment to thrifting! :)


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