Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Linnaeus 4.2

Whoops! Forgot to do Linnaeus' update... here's a quick list of what he's into these days:

  1. building vehicles & garages out of Lego
  2. playing with water (but still not swimming)
  3. eating sweets--I'm pretty sure my sweet tooth is genetic & he's inherited it
  4. riding his bike (but using it as a runner bike, not pedalling)
  5. running around & playing with other kids at the playground (I find it's best to take him to the park around 4pm to give him a run, sort of like some of the higher-energy breeds of dogs...)
  6. playing on the swings on our deck or at the park
  7. reading books (especially as many as possible to prolong the bedtime routine)
  8. watching any type of large machinery or construction
  9. anatomy & how the human body works
  10. competing with his sister to see who can shriek the loudest
  11. occasionally riding in the stroller basket--he almost never uses the Uppababy Piggyback anymore

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