Saturday, December 6, 2014

Bronte 1.3

Bronte's figured out what crayons do & loves to scribble
Wee baby girl is fifteen months old! Here are ten things about Bronte:

  1. Firecracker. Do not cross this little girl, or she will chomp you. Twice I've seen her get annoyed at her brother & bite his hand. Half a dozen times more I've seen her get angry & bite whatever was nearby, like her chair, or the table. I'm trying not to laugh. Not succeeding very well. It's hilarious to see this.
  2. Toothy. Speaking of biting, she's gotten a few more teeth this month, up to all eight incisors & three molars working their way up.
  3. Sturdy. Baby B is still in the bottom of the charts when it comes to height. She has only just gotten to the point where she bumps her head under the kitchen table & I'm fairly sure the Swedish height genes have skipped her. However, she's over average when it comes to weight. Bronte is also sturdy in the sense that she never seems to get hurt & gets right back up from stumbling or falling without always getting upset. Unless of course her brother had something to do with her fall. In that case, see #1 above.
  4. Active. The girl does not stop moving. Every time I turn around, she's climbing on the furniture & throwing something from her perch. This month she has destroyed three mason jars, two mugs, & attempted to smash many more. I've given up using normal drinking vessels & have resorted to drinking from a Contigo spill-proof stainless steel travel mug at all times. 
  5. Fearless. Bronte's taken up trick riding on our rocking moose, trying out standing positions on it whenever she gets the chance. She loves climbing up playground structures & going down slides, even if they're 7-8 feet high.
  6. Vertical. Sometime this month B switched over to more walking than crawling. She can & will walk a block or two now. I predict she is not going to put up with sitting in the stroller beyond age two. 
  7. Toilet-obsessed. Throwing things in the toilet is the new black. Bronte has successfully sent one small toy to a watery grave & we had a near miss with one of her shoes. 
  8. Bookish. Well, getting there. I lose count every day of how many times she toddles over with a little board book in her hands, demands, "Book!" & crawls into my lap. She will actually sit & listen to a (short) story now--without grabbing the book to open & close it randomly--just as of the last couple of weeks.
  9. Citrus-loving. Bronte has always loved fruit, but mandarin oranges she can't get enough of. Twice this past week she crawled up onto the kitchen table & took a bite out of every orange from the bowl there.
  10. Communicative. This month Bronte started nodding, & shaking her head, both of which are adorably deliberate & involve most of her upper body as well. She's been adding words to her vocabulary pretty much daily & we surpassed 50 this month. She repeats what we say quite often.

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