Monday, January 12, 2015

Recycling Batteries & Fire Hazard: How to Stay Safe

Storing batteries like this is hazardous! Image via Wikimedia Commons
I bet you know that it's not a good idea to toss old batteries in the garbage & that you can recycle them (search for locations near you on & when I say safety around batteries, you probably think about choking hazard or the dangers of kids or pets swallowing the small ones & having major health problems. Unfortunately there's one more thing to worry about: fire hazard. If you store your batteries together to bring a bunch of them to recycle later, the 9V batteries can short out & cause a fire, as David Miller's unlucky family discovered.

You don't have to stop recycling batteries or bring them in one at a time. There's a really simple solution: put electrical tape across the terminals. David tells the whole story & shows you exactly how to keep your batteries safe in the video below.

Please share this & the video below to your friends & family to let them know how to stay safe too.

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